Thursday 16 March 2023

Supplement 306 Pattern 41/42 MMXVII

 Another of my favorite patterns.

Cutting out and preparing pattern.

The sleeves were lengthened.  I added contrasting colour in the top of the sleeve by just cutting a line through my Pattern and added at the bottom for length. Personally I like long sleeves..... very long.

The cuff a nice wide width. (personal choice)

Zip enclosure Cut 2 bias strips length of zip opening- 1 for the edge of the sleeve side, other for edge of front bodice side.

Bodice Front and Back was lengthen to my preferred length - I lengthened the back 2" longer than the front. Cut 4 bias strips of contrast colour to show of slits on side seams.

Sewing Sequence

Sew sleeves to bodice back - both sides

Sew right side sleeve to front bodice

Sew left side sleeve only bottom bit to left front bodice bit.

Place bias strips on both bodice front and sleeve for zip enclosure.

Sew collar to neck edge. Finish off completely.

Sew zip in place on top of collar and bias binding strips.

Sew underarm of sleeve and bodice front and back together leaving slit sections open 

Sew bias strips to slits Finish off with any size patch at top of slits

I used different colour scrap fabric for my hems and the just topstitching to finish - you can just foldover and stitch your hem in.

Place cuffs in sleeves - I used knit fabric like doing a ribbed cuff.