Monday 11 February 2013


We have at last took the big step and started a blog!!!.....about time I would say. First of all.....let me introduce myself: I am Sonja Bezuidenhout of Lutterloh Patterns in New Zealand.

I have had a passion for sewing from a very young age and my first sewing machine was a prize won in a local competition. Born in South Africa, I first pursued a Nursing career, but then sought a change in direction and qualified as a Computer Programmer.

With the arrival of my first of three girls, I decided to follow my passion and became a Dressmaker and later established a Sewing School in the Limpopo Province. I was introduced to the Lutterloh Pattern Making System in 1993 and was so impressed with the beautiful fit, cut and style of the outfits created using the system; I began teaching my students using Lutterloh patterns.

Six years later the Bezuidenhout family and our business moved to New Zealand, and I began teaching sewing and pattern making from my new home in Auckland. The Lutterloh family in Germany approached the Bezuidenhout’s with an offer to promote the program through New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom. Trips to the USA and Canada were also undertaken to stimulate the product at Craft Fairs. Numerous articles on the Lutterloh system by myself have featured in the Australian Sewing with Stitches magazine

I now travel mainly across New Zealand and Australia presenting workshops and demonstrations at Fairs, Sewing Shops, Fabric Stores and Conventions. When at home, I run Online Sewing Classes, Sewing Projects & Pattern Making Retreats

Purpose of this blog:

I know out there are a lot of  sewers enjoying the Lutterloh System and some who have problems using it. I hope by setting up this forum, we all would be able to share our experiences and learn from each other. I will endeavour to visit this blog and comment once a week, and will also from time to time post some interesting tips and ideas, photos etc.

Hope we will all enjoy this journey together!


  1. Hi Sonja,
    I think this will be a great way to communicate with others about the Lutterloh system. It is different, unique, and easy to do once you have your correct size. I look forward to learning from you and one day teaching.

  2. Cool!
    Lots has been written about this system but I can't find many who have shared their experiences of using it.