Sunday 15 February 2015

Boho Fashion with Lutterloh

I had some inquiries about Boho Fashion patterns......
So first of all I needed to Google it and see what it's all about.
Def: Boho Fashion -Bohemian clothing inspired by hippie clothing.

I got so excited (those were them days). I got carried away because there is so many patterns you can use in the Lutterloh System, the only difference is choosing the fabric for the right look. Some ideas I liked! So I'm only focusing on tops now. Specially a pheasant blouse design.

  So here is some options of patterns - only to last years (2014) supplements .

I used Pattern 81 MMX
I made mine out of lots of scrap leftover fabrics, using the princess style makes this so easy.

It is a Fuller figure pattern, which gives me a bit more ease on some designs and I decided only at the end that I'm not going to add sleeves.

I was also playing with some embroidery designs so I thought this pattern worked quite well.

 I shoud've add about 2cm in the armhole - for sleeveless, I thought it was too low, although the sleeveless dress is no different than the blouse with sleeves - so sewing with Lutterloh always check this 
because if you've cut the fabric you cant add on.
Right Picture
I decided I'm just going to try gathering at the underarm section, and was surprised how good it worked. Then I just biased the armhole.
Left Picture

On most occasions I will actually sew the underarm
seam tighter, but this is not stretch fabric and it
would've been difficult wearing this, getting in and
out of it.
It is really hot at the moment and this is  a nice loose
cool top to wear, just relaxing!

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