Monday 6 August 2018

Help with fitting issues: T-Shirt

If you have fitting issues with Lutterloh patterns, join the Lutterloh Club for personal assistance!
Recently I had a lady that had some Fitting Issues. She joined me and we had a great journey together. She did one amazing job and trusted me. She gave me permission to share our journey.
So we started off with the Fuller Figure pattern in my T-Shirt class - #227

First fit is the paper fitting

When  I see the back doing this sway below the waist.....
It immediately tells me she's short waisted
The minute we do this alteration it will fit better

So now for our first test on cheap fabric.
 I'm not happy with the folds  and excess fabric still in the back so I suggested we try a different           T-Shirt pattern #60 FF MMVIII                     
So here we go with new pattern, thanks D

Looks much better, now remember the paper has no stretch so it looks if we need more fabric for the center back and front but the minute we're using stretch fabric it will be fine.

Fabric fit fantastic I love it!  And so do Mrs D

Thank you so much for giving me permission to use your pictures and this great journey we had together. Every now and then I'll do some more fitting issues and sometimes by just using a different pattern we get a much better result.


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