Tuesday 3 December 2019


Sewing instructions for sleeve #26 MMVII

Some sleeves just have a bit more to it than just a plain straight forward sleeve.

Give it a try really interesting and very nicely designed sleeve.

Step 1:
Cut out sleeve, Add seam and hem allowances

Step 2:
Cut facings and interfacing for cuff section.
Iron-on interfacing
Mark all notches.

Step 3:
Mark seam allowances.
Mark dart and opening section.

Back of sleeve, with cuff plus iron-on interfacing -
placed right sides together on sleeve
Step 4:
Sew from side on hemline, 
up on placket, horizontal at bottom of dart
down on placket. to other side of hemline to side seam.
Step 5:
Cut open placket section and into corners.

Press seams open.


                            Grade seams smaller and corners off at hemlime.
 Step 6:
Turn facing and poke corners out.
Press seams flat.

 Step 7:
Pin and sew dart

Press dart flat. I like pressing to both sides
where there is lot of fabric and facing

Step 8:
Sew side seams together
Press seams open
Overlock or finish off edges
I will do topstitching on right side of sleeve to keep facing in tack.
Do buttonholes for cufflinks
Ease sleeve cup and place in garment.

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