Saturday 24 February 2018

MCC - Blouse #236 MMXV

I liked this blouse and the fit - no adjustments  on the pattern
but I wanted to change to a A-symmetrical line and for it to be a looser fit like the Lagen-look ..... which I'm really falling in love with.
So this is what I did with the pattern and I used a cotton/linen blend fabric.

The front is changed to A-symmetrical lines
The  front  is changed to A-symmetrical lines.

First add side seams and the length needed.

Remember when changing the button placket, you need to cut a facing for new button placket and interface it.

You also need to extra for the Underlap of the button placket Remember you need to add more for the Underlap of the button placket .... so that the overlap will sit on your Underlap when doing the buttons......

Ignore pleat in center back.
Add side seams and length to back pattern.

I made my back a little longer than the front when I've got it on.


Sew front shoulders to yoke front- sandwiching  in between  the two yokes.

Sandwich back section to back of yoke section

Press yoke front and back,
Topstitch if wanted to.

Stitch collar in, press, topstitch.
Stitch sleeves in.

I didn't like the pointy side seams.... just to pointy. 
I used my ruler and curved it more evenly, at the hem side seams.

       Love the outcome!   

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  1. Love this! Especially for those of us who don't have flat tummies!