Sunday 11 March 2018

MCC - Jeggings - stretch trousers #41 MMXII

This time I'm not going to make a elasticated waist but the full monty... Fly-Front zip,  pockets and waistband. I chose a pattern for stretch fabric ..... tight legs.
 #41 MMXII or #124 MMXVI is both suitable. They are very similar.
I chose #41 because it's already the length I want it to be,after fitting both paper patterns.

I had to add on the side seams for my waist adjustment and I made the crotch 1cm longer all round front and back..... this is a hipster pattern and it's just a wee bit  uncomfortable  for my liking.
I don't wear my trousers on the waist but I don't like hipsters either sort of in between just below my belly-button in front but at the waist in the back.
Sew the fly front zipper and pockets in.
Sew front legs to back legs side seams and inside leg
Baste waistband on and fit trousers.

Illlll dddd

On the front I have vertical        folds, so I need to alter the side seams but before I do,
I'll check the back first.

I like the height of my crutch in the front.

Obviously the crutch in back is too long, with all these folds under my butt.

By pulling at the back waist...
There is no more folds so I didn't need to add the 1cm at the back as well.

Sorry I haven't got enough hands to take a pic.

Instead of lifting the crutch seam-picture above.
I took it in at center back seam...... same effect taking it in on waist it was just too loose.
This fabric has definitely have more ease in than I anticipated.
Took off the length of the crutch, at the waist.

Baste waistband again and fit!

In hindsite I think I should've  taken in on the side seams and not at center back, probably didn't needed to add for the waist there was enough ease in the fabric.

Restitched and press again now. So this is the most changes I had done on trousers  for ages. My body also has changed a lot the last 5 years, so I'm  still adapting to it. I also think I misjudged and underestimate  the ease and  the stretch of the fabric I'm using. This is such a nice piece of fabric  I picked up at a 2nd hand store for $1.50 so it's not a lot too much loose.... if it didn't work.
I think we as sewers are way to critical on ourselves when sewing something and sometimes it's like wearing a straight jacket. I did do some adjustments but now I think it's enough, the fabric will make folds no matter what I do but it's super comfortable.

With my blouse and tops hanging over, I'm satisfied with the outcome. I'm at a age that if it's not comfortable I don't wear it. So first outfit done.
Would like your feedback!

I'll do proper pictures when more outfits are finished